Situational Awareness.
At Scale.

with high performance
facial recognition technology

In working and living environments, there are opportunities and threats based on the presence, absence and movement of humans and machines. Situational awareness at scale, using facial recognition, helps process those possibilities into desirable outcomes for businesses and organizations.


Scan the crowd and identify high value customers, and get data on consumer behavior.


Get instant alerts for threats ranging from perimeter breaches to registered offenders and intruders.


Act on opportunities even when the scale of the area or crowd size is of large magnitudes.

How fast can you respond?

Situational awareness systems allow you to “seize the moment”, helping avoid incidents, tap into opportunities and protect assets and humans. The facial recognition systems can process large data sets and match it against databases, and raise alerts, without the fatigue or error rate of human interventions.

Edge Computing for Performance and privacy

With a solution that is powered at the edge - your data is stored locally and the system works off of a local server. This enables much higher speeds, less dependency and keeps your data safe with you.

Our solution is more energy efficient and more compatible with regulations for local data storage.

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Zero fatigue

High accuracy meets zero fatigue or distractions. The system works all the time, and gets better with time.

All Weather

Systems that can detect faces and distinguish between humans and machines, even in challenging visual conditions.

High Speed

Processing large amounts of data, and matching against databases, to give fast, clear results that can be acted on.