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    INSPIRIT IoT, Inc.


    Inspirit IoT's vision is to be the global leader in delivering sensor intelligence.


    We take pride in our mission to provide hardware accelerator solutions coupled with an advanced high-level synthesis and machine-learning optimization toolkit to enable smart IoT applications.


    Inspirit IoT delivers a compelling channel and customer experience in markets where performance, power, and time-to-market are a mission or regulatory imperative. As one team, we work hard to be intimately aware of, and responsive to, our customers needs.


    Our Culture

    We are a pragmatic, diverse, and international team, empowering only the best talent in an un-bureaucratic environment, where our team are valued and rewarded for “challenging the status quo”.

    Our Purpose

    We thrive on making an impact. By making the difference to the world’s most challenging hardware problems, we can be proud of the societal value that we create.


    AWS Technology



    Inspirit IoT's advanced design tools and design services help Amazon customers meet their specific computing need in either AWS FPGA cloud or IoT edge devices.

    Intel IoT Solutions Allliance Partner


    The Intel IoT Solution Alliance accelerates the design and deployment of intelligent devices and analytics. Inspirit IoT is partnering with Intel and its OEM Partners to develop and deliver first-in-market IoT solutions.

    Intel Technology



    Inspirit IoT embeds low-power Intel FPGA chips, which can be reconfigured to target various smart sound IoT applications.

    IBM Business



    Inspirit IoT provides DNN Optimization and HLS design solutions for IBM customers targeting machine learning applications.

    Siemens Frontier Program Partner


    Inspirit IoT is working with Siemens to help transform robotics: reduce time to market, enhance flexibility, and increase efficiency for their customers.

    Advanced Digital Sciences Center


    Inspirit IoT was forged as an R&D project to solve the semiconductor industry challenge: design productivity greatly trails the silicon capacity driven by the Moore's Law.

    National Science Foundation


    Inspirit IoT is awarded NSF SBIR seed funding based on our technology’s innovativeness, commercial potential, and possible societal impact.

    I-Start Accelerator



    Inspirit IoT is awarded seed funding and is incubated in I-Start Entrepreneur Assistance Program at Research Park of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


    Performance Made Easy

    Machine Learning

    Machine learning delivers application opportunities and competitive advantage yet is compute intensive, requiring acceleration to meet real-time performance and power-efficiency constraints. However, design and deployment of hardware accelerators require detailed design expertise.

    We Speak Your Language

    Machine learning solutions are designed in TensorFlow, Caffe, CNTK, Python, R, and Matlab. Inspirit IoT lets you design your machine learning application using languages and tools data scientists are familiar with, automating the translation to detailed hardware accelerators that give the performance you need.

    Your Network, Your Solution

    Machine learning is rapidly evolving -- whether you want to deploy the latest popular network architecture, design your own from scratch or anything in between, we'll help get you there. Inspirit IoT's tools and libraries explore implementation options to give you the best speed performance for your network.

    Performance Where You Need It

    Not all applications are built the same, and neither should the accelerators. Some use cases are well served for cloud deployment to reduce infrastructure costs, while security, proprietary information, privacy regulations, or existing infrastructure requirements may require in-house clouds in others. With expensive communications or location constraints, your machine learning may need to be in an edge device; Inspirit IoT helps deliver machine learning performance where you need it, whether the cloud, private servers or in edge devices.

    Power, Performance, Time to Market

    Whether your challenge is meeting latency or throughput constraints, minimizing power and energy consumption to reduce electricity and cooling cost of data centers or lengthen the battery life for edge devices, or delivering a product to market before your competitors, Inspirit IoT is there to deliver. Inspirit IoT's FPGA as a Service capability, tools and libraries can explore performance and power tradeoffs automatically, helping you to meet your application goals while delivering a solution to the market faster than prior design methods.



    Inspirit IoT's HLS tools include a state-of-the-art general-purpose HLS core with extensive IP integration in order to integrate IPs for pipelined functional units, floating-point units, third-party IPs, and customer IPs. Paired with our library of ML components Inspirit IoT's HLS tools provide ML domain-specific synthesis.


    Inspirit IoT HLS currently outperforms market competitors 2 x based on Quality of Results.


    Inspirit IoT's library of Smart Sound audio-specific IPs includes localization, audio enhancement, event detection (e.g. screaming, gunshots), and keyword detection.

    Available on Lattice and Intel FPGAs.


    Inspirit's smart soundboard can be deployed indoors or outdoors across a wide range of events, in any non-military application.



    Inspirit IoT's TensorFlow (TM) - based framework can train networks, explore reductions in weight bitwidth, clustering and pruning of weights in order to reduce size and complexity of implementations, and retraining networks to retain the expected quality of results.


    The only tool in the FPGA market that delivers 10x better performance compared to the initial Deep Neural Network.


    Inspirit IoT was incubated in 2011 on the back of a research grant to the Advanced Digital Sciences Center of Singapore – a collaboration of the Singapore Government’s A*Star Research and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). The research aimed to address the needs of creating energy-efficient hardware accelerators of computation-intensive algorithms in an automated way as well as higher hardware design productivity and quality.


    Our award-winning technology was commercialized in June 2016 at EnterpriseWorks at the Research Park of UIUC. Meanwhile, Inspirit IoT, Inc was awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant and UIUC I-Start Accelerator grant to conduct research and development (R&D) on automating design and deployment of hardware for accelerated machine learning.


    We are now delivering POCs with the world's largest companies, OEM partners, and System Integrators. Inspirit IoT is a registered Intel Technology Provider, AWS Technology Partner, IBM Business Partner, and Siemens Frontier Program Partner.


    The company currently employs 10 employees and has operations in United States, Singapore, and India.



    Deming Chen

    President, Chairman of Board of Directors

    Professor, UIUC ECE, PhD UCLA


    Kyle Rupnow


    PhD ECE, UW-Madison

    Leesa Soulodre

    Innovation Director

    Executive MBA TRIUM (NYU, HEC, LSE)

    Swathi Gurumani

    VP, Engineering

    PhD CE, Univ. Alabama-Huntsville

    Zuofu Cheng, Hardware Engineer, Inspirit IoT

    Zuofu Cheng

    Director of Hardware Engineering

    PhD Electrical and Computer Engineering, Illinois

    Jason Cong

    Board of Directors

    Professor, UCLA CS, PhD CS, UIUC

    Co-founder: Aplus, AutoESL, Neptune, Falcon Computing

    Wen-mei Hwu

    Board of Directors

    Professor ECE UIUC, PhD CS, UC-Berkeley

    Co-founder & CTO MulticoreWare

    Co-founder & Board-member Personify

    Li Zhang


    PhD Accounting, CMU

    Zhiru Zhang

    Technical Advisor

    Asst. Prof. Cornell, PhD CS UCLA

    Co-founder AutoESL

    Liwei Yang, Inspirit IoT Senior Software Engineer

    Liwei Yang

    Senior Software Engineer

    PhD Computer Science and Engineering, Nanyang

    Masters Mechatronics, Robotics and Automation Engineering


    Inspirit IoT has contributed to the following research, including two Best Paper Awards, in the domains of IoT, High-Level Synthesis, FPGAs and Artificial Intelligence. Inspirit IoT welcomes industrial research partnerships for the accelerated development of frontier technologies.


    Inspirit IoT is now hiring motivated data scientists and engineers.

    Think you can help deliver accelerated machine learning?

    Join the Inspirit Team!


    EnterpriseWorks 238
    60 Hazelwood Drive
    Champaign, IL 61820
    (224) 221-1219
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